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A graphic of a laptop with a speech bubble saying "New Website!"

Welcome to our New Website!

Enhanced Simplicity That's Worth the Difference

Kostklip's website has been completely redesigned to provide you with an easier way to learn about our products, and seamlessly shop for merchandising solutions.

Here is a quick summary of some of the exciting key improvements we have made to our website.

Improved Search Results

  • Our search results have never looked so good. We've made it easy for you to navigate our products and quickly filter the items you are looking for. Our Application & Style filters allow you to define specific category search results that are catered to your needs.

New Photos

  • We've resized our product photos at a larger resolution, so you can now zoom in and view specific product features. We've also added lifestyle photos to help inspire you with ways you can use the product within your store, and also to show you how the product really looks.

Blog Categories

  • We've made it easy to explore our blog! Our new blog can be filtered by several categories to help you find the topics that you want to read about. We've added Tips & Ideas to help inspire you, and Guides & How To's so you can learn how to easily use our products. You can also read some of our Case Studies, which walk you through real-life studies on how our customers reduced operational costs; as well as Industry Trends, Product and Company Updates, and Press Releases.

Cross Device Compatibility

  • Whether you want to view our website on your desktop, laptop, tablet or phone - or start your journey on one device and finish on another; we've made sure your experience is seamless from beginning to end.

Faster Response

  • Our new website not only looks good on the outside, but we've made sure it's healthy on the inside. We've made our pages load as fast as possible for you, as you explore the new kostklip.com.


We hope you enjoy the new website, and we value your feedback. For any questions, suggestions, feedback or comments please email us or say hello on our chat! Visit us often as we will be constantly updating our content with new blog posts, product updates, and sharing ideas to help inspire your merchandising strategy.

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