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ClearVision Shelf Edge Labeling System

ClearVision® is a non-adhesive shelf edge labeling system that features a clear, flexible window that holds, displays and protects plain paper price tickets. It's is an integrated system that includes a variety of ticket moldings, printed plastic ShelfTalkers™ and sign holder accessories to lower operational costs and improve in-store communication. ClearVision® ticket moldings attach to every shelf edge to create a common fixture throughout the store for an effective and consistent in-store messaging program.

Contact us for more information about the ClearVision® Shelf Edge Labeling System.

  • ClearVision Brochure (PDF 1.5MB)
    Note: this is a large PDF file and it may take a few minutes to download

ClearVision shelf edge labeling systems

ClearVision® Benefits

  • Lower operational costs by switching to plain paper tickets
  • Variety of signage and merchandising options with compatible accessories
  • Maintain planogram and price integrity
  • Standardizing every fixture allows for consistent marketing implementation
  • Environmentally friendly—recycle used paper tickets and reuse printed plastic ShelfTalkers™

ClearVision® Features

  • Clear, flexible window that holds, secures and displays paper price tickets
  • Fits a wide range of fixture manufacturers
  • Printed plastic ShelfTalkers™ clip into ticket molding for colorful in-store messaging
  • Compatible with a variety of sign holder accessories and shelf edge merchandisers
  • UV protection to prevent plastic from yellowing