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Flex Series Ticket Moldings & Shelf Adapters



Streamline your in-store signage program and cut costs!

The Flex Series is kostklip’s latest innovation that consists of two types of plastic moldings: clip-in price ticket moldings and shelf adapters. Kostklip® designed this line of ticket moldings and adapters for retailers with a wide variety of shelving fixtures in their stores. The Flex Series help retailers display price labels, shelf talkers and other promotional signage at the shelf edge while reducing overall costs and number of retail supplies.

flex series

FlexChannel® Ticket Moldings


FlexKlip® Shelf Adapters

flex channel back leg   Flex-278T-288A-Back-Leg
Typical shelf edge label holders only fit on specific shelves but FlexChannel® ticket moldings are designed with an innovative, flexible back leg that fits an a wider range of C-channel shelving.  

The FlexKlip® shelf adapters are used as semi-permanent moldings on fixtures without a price channel. FlexChannel® ticket moldings fit into FlexKlip® shelf adapters, meaning that when it’s time to replace the moldings, you only need to purchase one part!


Flex Series Advantages

  • Significantly reduce the number of SKUs in your shelf edge ticket molding program to as low as six SKUs!
  • Fewer SKUs simplify store measurement and purchasing
  • Each Flex Series molding and adapter is designed to fit multiple shelving fixtures over typical plastic shelf strips
  • Streamline replenishment—FlexKlip® adapters stay on the shelf and only replace the FlexChannel® ticket moldings
  • Create a clean and consistent look throughout the store and a common fixture to display your in-store marketing, like ShelfTalkers™ and other promotional signage

FlexKlip® shelf adapters are designed to fit on:

  • Freezer and Cooler Shelving
  • Wire Shelving
  • Fence & Basket Merchandisers
  • Existing Metal Extrusions and PTMs

Contact kostklip today and ask us how the Flex Series can improve life at your shelf edge!