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A price ticket being inserted into a ClearGrip ticket molding

How to Change Paper Price Tickets and Insert ShelfTalkers


Use your thumb and press the bottom of the ticket molding to open the window. Alternatively, use the shelf edge tool to open the window. Insert the paper ticket into the window.

Printed Plastic ShelfTalkers™


Open the window with your thumb or shelf edge tool. Place the back leg behind both the clear window and paper
price ticket.
Lock the boot into the bottom of the ticket molding for a secure grip.


Kostklip’s ClearGrip™ ticket moldings are designed to be used with:

  • 8-12 pt cardstock paper or
  • kostklip’s Printed Plastic ShelfTalkers™ with GripLocks™
  • Specially designed one-fold, 12 gauge PVC sign protector
To insert a ShelfTalker™ or sign protector, start by inserting one corner into the ClearGrip™. Pivot up and insert the rest of the ShelfTalker™ or sign protector into the grip. To remove the sign, take out one corner at a time using a downward pulling motion.


The clear window can hold up to 0.025" thickness of material, that is two PerfPaper™ tickets and one printed plastic ShelfTalker™—any greater thickness can distort the window. Inserting materials thicker than the recommended range permanently damages the grip and no longer holds signs properly, e.g. ClearVision® ShelfTalkers™ or double-layer sign. Tearing a paper sign across the ticket molding can leave paper debris in the grip that is difficult to remove.

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