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ShelfTalker and PerfPaper Templates

The PerfPaper™ templates (.docx) are intended for testing purposes only. Label sizes may shift from computer to computer as a result of font and/or Microsoft Word program versions.

Some adjustments may be required. Please utilize your printer's label program for final output as needed.

Note: Based on your Microsoft Word® settings, gridlines may not appear on screen when you open our PerfPaper™ templates.
To view gridlines, select the table then go to your the Borders drop-down menu under the Design tab and select View Gridlines (MS Word® 2010).

To open in Google Docs, please use the step-by-step instructions below

Step-by-Step Instructions

  1. Open your Google Drive and click New.
  2. Select File upload.
  3. Select the Word doc and click Open. The file will now upload.
  4. Double-click the uploaded doc.
  5. Click Open with.
  6. Select Google Docs.


PerfPaper™ Templates

Custom ShelfTalker™ Templates