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Deli Department Merchandising Solutions

Deli Store Merchandising

Our integrated system consists of a protective Sleeve, TwistKlips™, Weighted base and Wire sleeve holders, Easel sleeve holders and Ice Spears. The adjustable angle Easel sign holders, and Ice Spears, utilize kostklip’s PowerGrip® technology to securely grip and hold the protective sleeves.

View our Deli Case brochure(5.34MB PDF) to learn more!


Program Advantages & Benefits

Reduced costs…



  • by lowering replenishment purchase requirements – compatible parts are used across all departments
  • by improved volume purchase pricing – consolidating part volumes.
  • by minimizing labor and re-set costs – easy to assemble and clean
  • by part simplification – reduction in time spent sourcing the right parts in storeroom
  • flexibility and creativity – parts are easily adaptable for in-store tagging needs
  • customer experience – clean, clear, consistent tagging at the shelf edge
  • brand consistency – supports customer trust and confidence, and sign messaging clarity.

The kostklip® Service Case program is suitable for a variety of applications, including:

  • Meat, Seafood, Deli, Bakery and Produce
  • Refrigerated, low temp, hot case or ice bed applications
  • Widely utilized in open air hot bar for bistros and bakery service cases
  • Baskets, bowls or platters in produce center islands!