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A liquor store shelf holding bottles of liquor with a ClearGrip ticket holding containing price tickets and ChipTalkers


Add colorful and reusable messages beside your label.

Easily slip kostklip's ChipTalkers™ into the clear window of any ClearVision® or ClearGrip™ ticket molding or into bare C-channel shelving. Combine messages with kostklip’s bib or right angle  ShelfTalkers™ or ChalkTalkers™ to highlight additional key product details such as “organic”, “keto friendly”, “vegan” or wine pairings and points.

ChipTalkers™ provide pops of color that will assist your customers in quickly identifying the messages that suit their shopping needs.


Is your shelf edge strategy providing the in-store messaging your customers are looking for?



A recent survey from PwC discusses how micro-trips are becoming the norm in grocery and the importance of the in-store experience. According to PwC, 26% of shoppers make micro-trips two to three times per week, and 10% responded with daily or more. The study also highlights how sustainability has shifted from “nice to have” to “must have”, with shoppers looking to easily identify organic, ethical and local products. An average of 74% of 18-24 year old shoppers cited that locally produced foods is important, followed by 70% for organic products.

With 52% of shoppers looking for the ability to quickly and conveniently navigate the store, kostklip’s ChipTalkers™ and ShelfTalkers™ can easily remove pain points for customers by assisting them in easily identifying the type of products they are looking for.

The shelf edge is where more than 60% of purchasing decisions are made. Do more with your shelf edge by communicating which products are sustainable with kostklip's ShelfTalkers™ to ensure that your health-conscious customers find what they need. Growing your customers’ basket size means overall sales growth for the store.

According to a Grocery Manufacturers Association study shelf talkers increase the likelihood of a shopper to engage with a product on your shelf by 29%, resulting in purchases of items not on their list by 20% or more.

When it comes to nutritional and lifestyle friendly products, shoppers can be lost trying to find products that suit their needs. Be sure to retain your health-conscious shoppers before they shop elsewhere. Grocery shopping with specific dietary and lifestyle needs can be a confusing and frustrating experience for in-store shoppers. By providing them with in-store signage that caters to their needs, you are creating a positive emotional connection and an enjoyable shopping experience. Kostklip’s latest line of ChipTalkers™ are proven to bring attention to the products your customers didn’t know they wanted, creating impulse purchases along your shelf edge.

Contact us to ask about our Country Flag ChipTalkers™ or shop our new promotional and lifestyle messages.

Kostklip's ChipTalkers™ can be used in coolers and freezers and areas prone to moisture.

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