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A bakery display shelf with desserts and contour base sign holders holding price tags.


Bakeries can be a magical sensory driven shopping experience for consumers.

The first annual Power of Bakery 2019 report by the American Bakers Association (ABA) and Food Marketing Institute (FMI) aims to bring an understanding of behaviors in the bakery category, in a retail grocery setting.

Over the years, food was traditionally looked at as fuel. With consumers becoming more aware of what they are eating and product transparency, bakery products have now become a celebration of all things in life that are good.

According to IDDBA’s latest trend report, What’s in Store 2018, health + wellness and transparency are among two of the top three trends affecting consumer shopping and purchasing in the bakery category. While it’s important that retailers offer products that satisfy shoppers’ indulgent cravings, they must also feature items that appeal to the health and wellness shopper, such as those with better-for-you ingredients.

In What's in Store 2018, Tom Vierhile, innovation insights manager, GlobalData shares "gluten free diets are particularly popular with younger consumers, and are one of the bigger factors affecting sales of bakery products. 15% of Americans of all ages say they are 'intolerant'  when it comes to gluten, but that number rises to 33% for consumers between the ages of 25 and 34."

According to The Gluten Free Agency, 68% of Gluten Free Consumers shop at three or more different stores per month to find gluten free foods. With over 15% of North American households using gluten free products, mass merchant grocery stores are needing to create awareness of gluten free products in their bakery, to avoid losing that consumer to a specialty boutique.

According to U.S. News, it’s estimated that 30% of US grocery shoppers are shopping for gluten free products. With the global gluten free market projected to reach US$6.2 billion by end of year and North America contributing about 59% of gluten free sales, gluten free shelf edge labeling is an in-store must-have merchandising strategy.


With US bakery sales increasing as a result of gluten free, plant-based and keto friendly baked goods, how will this impact your in-store bakery displays?

Kostklip's Deli Case Program provides bakery merchandising solutions, even in the most complex application areas that will assist you with displaying product details and nutritional information. With an integrated system consisting of protective sign sleeves, adjustable sign holders, and shelf edge labeling systems, stores can optimize visibility and improve their customer's shopping experience while keeping service stations clean and uniform. Combine with kostklip's  ChalkTalkers™ShelfTalkers™ or ChipTalkers™  to easily identify promotional, lifestyle and health messages.

Shopping is a social experience, and exceptional shopper experiences lead to repurchase. Consumers want to experience a clean and tidy bakery that easily identifies their products of interest. Kostklip's one-stop signage solutions contribute to your customer's enjoyable shopping experience, encouraging them to keep coming back to your store.

What's your bakery merchandising strategy?

Contact us today to learn more about the accessories kostklip provides to support your bakery displays.

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