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Innovators in Retail Merchandising

Solution Services

Kostklip has a variety of programs and solutions for your store. Learn more about our Merchandising Solutions

Fixture Reference Guide

Find the right molding for your fixtures. Use the Fixture Reference Guide to identify which products are compatible with your shelf edge

ESL Mounting Solutions

Kostklip provides ESL sign holders for all areas of the store! Contact us today to learn more about mounting solutions for ESLs

Shop Ticket Molding


ClearVision® is a non-adhesive shelf edge labeling system that features a clear, flexible window that holds, displays and protects plain paper price tickets


ClearGrip™ is a non-adhesive shelf edge labeling system with a clear, flexible window and built-in outer grip to hold a variety of additional signs

Flex Series

Flex Series is an innovative one-size-fits-all innovation that consists of two types of plastic moldings: FlexChannel® clip-in price ticket moldings and FlexKlip® shelf edge adapters


Kostklip's ShelfTalkers™ are colorful, reusable shelf edge signs for promoting specials, your brand, private label, health messages and more! Learn more about custom shapes, sizes and colors to fit your brand guidelines or campaign design.

Medium-sized Shelf Tenders holding an assortment of different cat foos with someone pulling the front lever to front face the products.

Selecting the Right Shelf Tender Size

Kostklip’s Shelf Tender combines the simplicity and effectiveness of manual pull systems with a superior design. Faster stocking fronting & zero POG disruption.
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1 minute read
Medium-sized Shelf Tender on a shelf edge holding an assortment of jarred jellies

Selecting the Right Shelf Management System

Learn how to select the best product organizer based on your shelf type and products you will display.
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5 minute read
A bakery shelf holding an assortment of macarons with ClearGrip ticket molding on the shelf edge

Ticket Molding Best Practices

Get the best use out of your shelf edge ticket moldings (also known as data strips), by following kostklip’s recommendations and best practices.
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2 minute read