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Yogurt Tender® KwikPull System


Yogurt Tender® KwikPull System

Save time, enhance presentation and promote rotation with the Yogurt Tender®. The Yogurt Tender® combines the simplicity and effectiveness of manual pull systems with a superior puller design and nesting dividers that creates zero planogram (POG) disruption. The base of the Yogurt Tender has a built-in 2° angle that tilts stacked yogurt cups against the divider, allowing for the use of a single divider without product falling over. The front fence of the Yogurt Tender has a 6.25”L ramped riser that levels the yogurt cups as they are pulled towards the front of the shelf.


  • Rapid fronting lets your keep stock at shelf edge during peak shopping hours
  • Minimal or No facing loss
  • Dividers prevent co-mingling of varieties


  • Load-from-side design lets you place new stock at rear
  • No more cups stranded at back of shelf


  • 25% faster stocking
  • 70* faster fronting
  • Faster POG changes and re-sets
  • Faster ordering


  • No tools required
  • Units rest of your flat dairy shelving
  • Comes with a magnetic tape to hold it to the shelf
  • Available in two widths that hold everything from 6 oz. cups to 32 oz. tubs


  • Category versatility - also works with sour cream, cottage cheese and ice cream tubs
  • Impact resistant PVC withstands abuse
  • Made in North America
  • Single side increases cool air flow around yogurt


  • Available lengths: 18", 20", 24" & 28"
  • Divider Height: 5" - custom heights available
  • Merchandise lifted from shelf surface: 0.30"
  • Two width sizes:
    • Narrow: recommended for yogurt cups 2 58 to 3 18 inches wide
    • Wide: recommended for yogurt cups 3 58 to 5 inches wide
  • Colors: All black or white base with clear divider
*contact us for custom colors and lengths