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Discover the fresh new look of the Yogurt Tender

Discover the fresh new look of the Yogurt Tender

The Yogurt Tender has a fresh new look! Its new design simplifies saving time, improving presentation, and encouraging rotation even more effectively.

Designed to maximize shelf space, kostklip's thin, low divider minimizes facing loss compared to other similar shelf management products designed for merchandising yogurt. This innovative design allows for the display of additional rows of products, ensuring optimal product arrangement and efficiency on store shelves.

The adjustable width provides seven product positions to fit everything from 6 oz. cups to 32 oz. tubs, all while using a single SKU to simplify store purchasing and inventory management. Additionally, the simplified design prevents liquids from accumulating inside and effectively prevents buildup, making it easier to clean.

Enhance your customer's experience by maintaining clean and organized shelves throughout the store. The Yogurt Tender is recommended for use with dairy tub products, including yogurt cups, sour cream, cottage cheese and ice cream tubs.

View the Yogurt Tender brochure for more details on the merchandising benefits, specifications, and labor savings.

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