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High impact resistance PVC. Slips into either the clear 1.25”H window of any ClearVision® or ClearGrip™ ticket molding or into bare C-channel shelving. Combine multiple lifestyle, health and promotional ChipTalkers™ to display a variety of messages beside your shelf edge labels.


• Contains a variety of promotional, health and lifestyle messages
• Perfectly compliments kostklip’s ShelfTalkers™ and ChalkTalkers™

Lifestyle and Health Kit includes:
• "Organic" x 60, "Gluten Free" x 40, "Keto Friendly" x 40, "Vegan" x 40, "Nut Free" x 40, "Non GMO" x 40, "Dairy Free" x 40, "Paleo" x 40, "Low Sodium" x 40, "Low Sugar" x 40

Promotional Kit includes:
• "Sale" x 120, "Buy Local" x 100, "New" x 80, "Staff Pick" x 60, "Best Seller" x 60