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Medium-sized Shelf Tenders holding an assortment of different cat foos with someone pulling the front lever to front face the products.

Selecting the Right Shelf Tender Size

Save time, elevate displays and encourage rotation with the Shelf Tender.

Did you know that an organized shelf reduces labor costs and improves sales?

Kostklip’s Shelf Tender combines the simplicity and effectiveness of manual pull systems with a superior design. Faster stocking fronting & zero POG disruption, so you won't lose any space on your shelf - your most valuable real estate in the store.


  • Full length magnetic strip holds the Shelf Tender firmly in place and can easily repositioned
  • Rear back clip slips over the shelf edge to provide extra staying power
  • Optional extension paddle for larger or stacked items
  • Easily add or remove individual Shelf Tender units as your planogram changes
  • Made from durable clear PVC with UV inhibitors, the front fence clearly shows off your retail products
  • Integrated front puller will never be misplaced and easily retracts out of the way
  • Ideal for stacked products that are non-compatible with regular pusher systems
  • No springs to break or tensions to worry about, Shelf Tender works with all product weights
  • Three width sizes:
    • Small: recommended for products 2 18 to 2 58 inches wide
    • Medium: recommended for products 2 34 to 3 12 inches wide
    • Large: recommended for products 3 12 to 5 58 inches wide

View our installation video to learn how to easily install the Shelf Tender on your shelves.

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