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Medium-sized Shelf Tender on a shelf edge holding an assortment of jarred jellies

Selecting the Right Shelf Management System

Increase sales, reduce labour costs and elevate displays

Sell more products and reduce labor costs with Shelf Management Systems from kostklip. Shelf Management Systems (SMS) are designed to keep your CPG SKUs organized, in-line and at the shelf edge where customers can easily see and purchase what they are looking for.

There are several options to consider when choosing a shelf management system for your retail shelves, such as dividers, spring loaded pusher systems, manual pull systems and gravity fed roller systems.

Each of these systems has their own unique advantages and limitations. To find the system that is right for your merchandising needs, you should consider:

  • What products are you merchandising?
  • What is the desired look?
  • What is your budget?
  • Who will be installing these throughout your store(s)?
  • Is there enough volume and profit in the product(s) being merchandised to justify the spend?
  • How soon will you see your ROI?

Kostklip is here to provide you with a library of easy-to-install shelf management solutions. By engaging kostklip, our team will assess your current program and provide you with the tools and expertise to evaluate and implement a cost effective and customer appealing shelf management solution. Keep your products where they matter most - at the shelf edge, your most valuable real estate within the store.


Product dividers offer the lowest cost of shelf management systems, while providing a versatile, easy-to-install solution. Dividers can be used to merchandise a wide variety of products including bottles and boxes. If you are using steel shelves, we recommend using dividers with a magnetic base. This allows dividers to easily move and be reused as your planogram changes. Adhesive based dividers are limited to single use, and will leave behind an adhesive residue on your shelf.

Dividers can be used in almost every section of the store that has a flat shelf.


2-In-1 Magnetic Dividers (TLD1, TLD3, TLD5)

Our SKU reducing, innovative, tear-away dividers allow for time-saving and convenient installation and optimal product allocation. Easily convert a T-divider into an L-divider to fill product right to the ends of the shelf.

Enhance your customer's experience by maintaining clean and organized shelves throughout the store. These dividers can be configured in a variety of sizes to meet your product facing and shelf depth requirements.

Easily Convert from T-Style to L-Style.


Spring Loaded Pusher Systems

Pusher tracks provide quick and easy automatic front-facing for a variety of products. There is no need for store staff to organize products, other than restocking. As long as there is product in the pusher system, products will always remain front-faced.

Pusher systems generally require the most maintenance, such as broken springs. Pusher systems also require the most planning as there are several ranges of spring rates, each designed to push specific types of products.

Spring loaded pushers are fairly easy to reposition if you are changing your planogram. Systems will either rest directly on shelves or attach to a Magna-Bar providing the floating merchandise look.



ClearTrack™ Shelf Management System (SMSS)

Kostklip’s ClearTrack™ Shelf Management System has fully adjustable tracks, and dividers can accommodate a wide variety of product shapes and sizes.


  • Fully adjustable tracks and dividers can accommodate a wide variety of product shapes and sizes
  • Ships pre-assembled with magnetic tape for fast box-to-shelf installation
  • ClearTrack™ systems come complete with 15 facings, additional facings can be added
  • Standard system is 48” wide and available in 12“, 14”, or 16“ depths (all sizes noted are nominal)


Manual Pull Systems

Manual pull systems are quick to install, low maintenance, and consist of minimal moving parts. This type of system requires planogram knowledge of what type of products and size of products you are looking to display. There are limitations on sizes of products you are looking to pull, and product packaging is very important. Puller systems work best with high turnover products that are typically stacked in your current planogram. Puller systems work great with stacked yogurt cups and canned food.



Shelf Tender Shelf Management System (STSM)

The Shelf Tender® is the first low cost, center store grocery divider and fronting system, that results in zero disruption of your (POG) planogram. Recommended for use with mid to high moving products, and designed to merchandise just about anything in a can, jar, bottle or small box.

Save time, elevate displays and encourage rotation with the Shelf Tender.


  • Full length magnetic strip holds the Shelf Tender firmly in place and can be easily repositioned
  • Rear back clip slips over the shelf edge to provide extra staying power
  • Ideal for stacked products that are non-compatible with regular pusher systems
  • No springs to break or tensions to worry about, works with all product weights
  • Easily add or remove individual Shelf Tender units as your POG changes

Yogurt Tender Shelf Management System (YTSM)

The Yogurt Tender® combines the simplicity and effectiveness of manual pull systems with a superior puller design and nesting dividers that creates zero planogram (POG) disruption. Easy-to-grasp puller handle is a breeze to find, pull and return.

The base of the Yogurt Tender has a built-in 2° angle that tilts stacked yogurt cups against the divider, allowing for the use of a single divider without product falling over. The front fence of the Yogurt Tender has a 6.25"L ramped riser that levels the yogurt cups as they are pulled towards the front of the shelf.

Save time, enhance presentation and promote rotation with the Yogurt Tender.


Gravity Fed Roller Shelves

Roller shelves offer a similar experience to spring loaded pusher systems, but eliminate many of the challenges with springs. Gravity fed roller shelves are very low maintenance and are simple to install at store level. Shelves are very easy to restock and can be front or rear loaded. Roller shelves can be installed on a flat shelf using risers, or rest flat on angled shelves with magnetic strips. Roller shelves are most commonly used with beverages in coolers, and can handle a wide range of product weight.


EasyRoller™ Shelf Management System (GFRT)

The EasyRoller is the ideal gravity feed solution for automatically front facing products. Typically used with bottles and other flat based packaging, the EasyRoller keeps your shelves always presentable. Stock-outs can be spotted instantly, and re-stocking is a breeze.

The EasyRoller can easily be installed on existing shelving with the provided angle adaptors or on custom angled shelving.


  • Gravity fed self-facing system
  • Modular and available in a variety of sizes and configurations
  • Various divider and installation options available
  • Made from highly durable aluminum with ABS construction

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