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"Vegan" Bib with Right Angle Flag ClearGrip™ ShelfTalkers™


"Vegan" Bib with Right Angle Flag ClearGrip™ ShelfTalkers™

Kostklip's printed plastic ShelfTalkers™ are bold, colorful and reusable shelf edge messages. Place a ShelfTalker™ over the paper price tag in a ClearGrip™ ticket molding to clearly identify the product that the message applies to. Plastic ShelfTalkers™ are easy to use and don't leave residue on the shelf edge like typical adhesive shelf talkers.


  • GripLocks™ insert securely into ClearGrip™ ticket moldings
  • High resolution screen printed graphic
  • Heat-folded recyclable gloss PVC material
  • Can be used in coolers and freezers


Vegan diets have been a mainstay of healthy eating styles for a very long time, and according to a recent restaurant consultancy group Baum + Whiteman report, “plant-based” will be a continuous food trend. In the same report Baum + Whiteman anticipate that plant-based foods will become the new organic. As with most diets and eating lifestyles different shoppers follow different guidelines of what they like to eat. Help your shoppers find foods they may never have realized were friendly to their lifestyle, like:

  • Oreo Cookies
  • Jell-O instant pudding
  • RITZ Crackers
  • Pop-Tarts