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FlexKlip® Ratchet, Glass and Single Wire Shelf Adapter


FlexKlip® Ratchet, Glass And Single Wire Shelf Adapter

The FlexKlip® Glass and Single Wire Shelf Adapter is a semi-permanent molding that installs over your existing shelf to create a price channel.

You can use sign clips directly in the price channel or you can combine it with a FlexChannel® Clip-In Ticket Molding for overall SKU reduction for your ticket molding program. FlexKlip® shelf adapters are designed to stay on the fixture as the clip-in molding is replaced when needed.

Replace expensive, metal price ticket molding add-ons with FlexKlip® adapters to implement your shelf edge ticket molding program.

  • Shipped as one piece
  • Groove for bending and splitting apart into two pieces
  • Ratchet allows height variance for installation
  • Grip beads prevent molding from sliding side to side
  • Made with thicker PVC plastic for durability
  • Price channel fits 1.25" H price tickets, FlexChannel® ticket moldings, and other sign accessories
  • Use on glass and single wire shelves up to 0.5" thick