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Rollout Support Services

Rollout Services

Store Measurement

Using takeoffs or in-store surveys, we’re available to ensure that each location gets the right amount of product for an effective rollout. Kostklip® provides Measuring Worksheets for the store measurement process to get the most accurate totals for each store in your chain.


Kostklip® has completed thousands of individual kits for major North American retail chains so we’re more than ready to customize a complete program on time. Kits can be DSD (direct-store-delivery) or drop shipped to your distribution center.


Whether you have a chain of five or five-hundred stores, kostklip® provides guidance and support throughout the rollout process. Your assigned Retail Solutions Executive walks you through each stage to identify your unique requirements and ensure that they're met.


We offer Train-the-Trainer sessions to instruct your company's staff on how to implement a successful rollout. Product samples, training documentation and guided instruction are part of the training session along with tips, tricks and best practices.

Installation Support

A complete store installation can happen in a single night shift. Along with the Train-the-Trainer sessions, kostklip® provides reference guides and documentation to support your installation crew. Our reference guides include information on basic product design and function, installation instructions, troubleshooting, as well as maintenance and repair.