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Perforated Sign and Label Paper


Perforated Sign And Label Paper

Use kostklip's PerfPaper™ with ClearVision® or ClearGrip™ ticket moldings to help lower ongoing labor costs by reducing the time taken to complete your weekly price changes, and reducing the time required to maintain your standard C-Channel molding, i.e. removing adhesive residue left behind by adhesive labels


Laser toner adheres to the paper in laser printers at temperature up to 400 degrees. This paper is specifically designed with a high moisture content to avoid drying out and curling after printing. It's also milled with a smooth surface that allows for better adhesion to the toner. These qualities are especially beneficial to obtain the best clarity for printed bar codes as well as handling tickets during installation.

View kostklip's PerfPaper Templates for Microsoft Word.


* The FSC® certification ensures that these products come from well managed forests which provide environmental, social, and economic benefits