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ChalkTalker™ Pens


ChalkTalker™ Pens

Combine pens with kostklip's ChalkTalkers™ to create customized in-store messages. Easily clean ChalkTalker™ surface with alcohol spray or wipes. Recommended alcohol cleaning percentage is 91% USP.


  • Waterproof
  • Quick-drying ink
  • 2.8 - 3.0 mm width in writing
  • Set includes two white pens and three additional fun colors (pink, blue, silver)

ChalkTalker™ Pens Best Practices:

1. Shake pen thoroughly

2. Lightly press the pen tip down on a scrap piece of paper to get the ink flowing

3. Use smooth, even strokes to draw your designs or lettering. Press only hard enough to leave some paint on the object, not to depress the nib

4. Re-prime as necessary

5. Wait 60 seconds for ink to dry

*note: under certain circumstances it may be difficult to remove the writing