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A shelf edge holding bottles of ketchup with "Organic" ShelfTalkers attached underneath

Top Selling Store Categories Among Organic Products

Are you using ShelfTalkers™ to identify organic products in top selling categories?

Nielsen’s latest 'Tops of 2018' report discusses sales growth of organic products in the fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) industry. “The pace of purchasing happening among organic goods is exceptional and is breathing life into otherwise flat or contracting aisles of the store”.

Organics have hit mainstream in non-food related categories and sales performance recorded double-digit growth among health and beauty care, baby care and alcohol. The shelf edge is where more than 60% of purchasing decisions are made. Do more with your shelf edge by communicating which products are organic with kostklip's "Organic" ShelfTalkers™ to ensure that your health-conscious customers find what they need. Growing your customers’ basket size means overall sales growth for the store.

According to a Grocery Manufacturers Association study shelf talkers increase the likelihood of a shopper to engage with a product on your shelf by 29%, resulting in purchases of items not on their list by 20% or more.



Department Performance of Organic FMCG

Top Selling Categories Among Organic Products


How can kostklip® assist retailers with merchandising and highlighting in-store organic products?

Easily reach customers on their terms with effective in-store “Organic” ShelfTalkers™ to identify products and assist them with making decisions when time is of their essence. Kostklip® specializes in helping you strategize to communicate more effectively with a non-adhesive shelf edge program to sell more at the shelf edge.

In a world where consumers are craving product information and driving product labeling regulations, it is more imperative than ever to have an in-store shelf edge labeling system that aligns with your brand and merchandising needs.

When it comes to nutritional and lifestyle friendly products, shoppers can be lost trying to find products that suit their needs. Be sure to retain your health-conscious shoppers before they shop elsewhere. Grocery shopping with specific dietary and lifestyle needs can be a confusing and frustrating experience for in-store shoppers. By providing them with in-store signage that caters to their needs, you are creating a positive emotional connection and an enjoyable shopping experience.

Kostklip’s "Organic" ShelfTalkers™ are proven to bring attention to the organic products your customers didn’t know they wanted, creating impulse purchases along your shelf edge.

Is your shelf edge strategy providing the in-store messaging your health conscious customers are looking for?

Contact kostklip to learn more about ShelfTalkers™ that will work with your in-store fixtures.

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