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A refridgerated shelf in a deli section with various products. The shelf edge has a ClearGrip ticket molding with 'Vegan', 'Keto friendly' and 'Dairy Free' ShelfTalkers installed.

Receive an ROI of 67% at the Shelf Edge

Why you should say no to adhesive labels.

By switching to kostklip's ClearGrip™ shelf edge labeling system, you can receive an ROI of 67% at the shelf edge.

A real-life case study on how a company with 300+ stores, saved over $1.1 million with an ROI in less than three months.

Customer Challenge:

A company with 300+ stores was already using a conventional ticket molding program, however their current program was not providing the solution needed in coolers and freezers. This customer used adhesive signs throughout their store, but had a challenge with adhesive signs falling in their coolers and freezers leaving behind messy adhesive residue. This customer tried several different adhesives throughout store testing, using different materials on various surfaces, however signs were continuously falling to the ground and marketing campaigns were not able to be executed as needed.

Kostklip's Proposal:

Upon reviewing the customers challenge, kostklip® proposed switching to kostklip's ClearGrip™ program. ClearGrip's built-in sign grip provides a unique cold formulation allowing the sign grip to stay flexible in the toughest of environments, while providing quick and easy sign changes regardless of temperature.

Kostklip® had previously faced a similar challenge with a different customer, and by using kostklip's ClearGrip™ program, that customer was able to save $300,000 per year in material costs, and $3,179,000 per year in labor expenses at the shelf edge.

Kostklip's Solution:

Through consultation and assessment, store testing and testimonials, it was determined that using kostklip's ClearGrip™ program, this customer would receive an ROI of 67% at the shelf edge and no longer face the challenges their adhesive tickets caused. This customer was able to use kostklip's ClearGrip™ ticket moldings on Aluminum Extrusions, Hussman® Aluminum Extrusions, Hussman® Bullnose fixtures, Hussman® Coffin Coolers, Single Wire and Double Wire shelving, Zero Zone®, Kysor-Warren and Hill Phoneix fixtures.

ClearGrip™ is a non-adhesive shelf edge labeling system with a clear, flexible window and built-in outer grip to hold a variety of additional signs. It’s an integrated system that includes ticket moldings, plain paper tickets and ShelfTalkers™ that creates an efficient and effective in-store signage program. Use ClearGrip™ in both center store and refrigerated areas to create a common fixture throughout your store for consistent in-store communication.

It is kostklip's job to assist you as a retailer to achieve the ROI required. By engaging kostklip®, kostklip® will assess your current program, provide you with the tools and expertise to evaluate and implement a cost effective and customer appealing program while providing you the products required to execute your shelf edge strategy.

What's your shelf edge strategy?

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