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Magnetic dividers in between boxes of medicine on a pharmacy shelf edge

Easy-to-Install Shelf Organization Tools

Improve your in-store experience with kostklip's easy-to-install shelf organization tools.

Shopping is a social experience, and exceptional shopper experiences lead to repurchase. Consumers want to experience clean and tidy, properly merchandised shelving displays that easily identifies their products of interest. Companies are needing to appeal to the shoppers perception, from messaging, to how products are merchandised along the shelf edge. Kostklip’s easy-to-install shelf edge solutions will assist you in delivering an exceptional customer experience, resulting in increased revenue and customer retention. Kostklip's one-stop signage solutions contribute to your customers enjoyable shopping experience, encouraging them to keep coming back to your store.

Kostklip's high quality, clear PVC modular system can be configured in a variety of sizes to meet your product facing and shelf depth requirements. Use kostklip's shelf organization tools in areas such as Health and Beauty, Toys, Beverages, Canned Products and General Merchandise Areas. All products shown are simple to use and are economically designed to maximize shelf space.

2-in-1 Magnetic Dividers

• Available in 1.5"H (TLD1), 3"H (TLD3) and 5"H (TLD5)

• Curved corners for safe and easy product access

• Comes with strong magnetic tape

• Easy to install and re-locate dividers

• Two-in-one design allows for maximum flexibility, easily converts from a T-style to L-style in one product – no tools required!

• Bend the notch at the base back and forth to break off and convert to L-style




Keep your product where it matters most—at the shelf edge, your most valuable real estate within the store!

• Use as a front fence at the shelf edge or a product divider on the shelf

• Available with clear, foam or magnetic tape

• Available in 1.25"H and 3"H

• Easy to install – no tools required!

Time is our most important commodity. If your shelf edge strategy is not saving shoppers their precious time, or making their shopping experience easier and better, you are at risk of losing that customer.

While you are trying to create a good customer experience, kostklip® wants you to experience the same with them. It is kostklip's job to assist you as a retailer to achieve the ROI required. By engaging kostklip®, kostklip® will assess your current program, provide you with the tools and expertise to evaluate and implement a cost effective and customer appealing program while providing you the products required to execute your shelf edge strategy.

View kostklip's Shelf Management Merchandising Solutions Brochure for more ready-to-ship T & L-style dividers, inventory savers and display builders or contact kostklip® today for custom sizes and configurations that meet your needs.

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