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A ClearGrip flat mount ticket molding attached to the edge of a wood shelf hosting bottles of alcohol mix

ClearGrip™ Ticket Molding

What if you could save 67% in material and labor costs?

What if you never had to worry about a fallen sign in your freezers and coolers again?
The first step towards saving 67% is with kostklip’s ClearGrip™ program.

ClearGrip™ is a non-adhesive shelf edge labeling system with a clear, flexible window and built-in flush outer grip that grips larger cardstock signs. ClearGrip™ is an integrated system that includes ticket moldings, plain paper tickets and ShelfTalkers™ that creates an efficient and effective in-store signage program. Kostklip's Signature Series ShelfTalkers™ and cardstock signs can be quickly inserted anywhere along the shelf edge with the built-in flush grip. Watch our latest video on YouTube to see how easily it is to install kostklip's ClearGrip™ ShelfTalkers™.

A real-life case study using kostklip's ClearGrip™:

Customer Challenge:

A company with nearly 300 stores using a conventional ticket molding program were looking at ways to reduce labor and material costs at the shelf edge.

They had non-adhesive paper price labels which were changed 500 times/week, and adhesive bibs that were changed 3,000 times/week. Price Changers communicated to Operations that the adhesive sign bibs were time consuming and messy to apply and Merchandising noticed the adhesive residue left behind. Most importantly, Operations and Merchandising noticed their adhesive signs wouldn't hold up in humid environments and their marketing dollars were being found at the bottom of their coolers and freezers.

Kostklip’s Proposal:

Upon reviewing the customers challenge, kostklip® proposed switching to kostklip's ClearGrip™ program which would eliminate the customers current adhesive bib challenges and problems.

ClearGrips' built-in sign grip provides a unique cold formulation allowing the sign grip to stay flexible in the toughest of environments, while providing quick and easy sign changes regardless of temperature or humidity.

Kostklip's Solution:

During consultation and store testing, it was determined that using kostklip's ClearGrip™ program, the customer would save $300,000 per year in material costs, and $3,179,000 per year in labor expenses. This allowed the customer to redirect their annual savings of $3,479,000 to other areas of the business. This customer saved $66,900 per week by switching to kostklip’s ClearGrip™ program and the Return on Investment only took 7.3 months.

Additional savings were also achieved by utilizing kostklip's store installation programs. Kostklip® provided the customer training, videos, documents and their expertise; allowing the customer's employees to manage and install the rollout themselves. By teaching the customer how to fully implement their project, the company saved over 50% on the total rollout cost vs using an outside services company.

The customer also had a requirement for a special water resistant ticket molding, for use in their meat and dairy departments. They enlisted the services of kostklip’s in house Engineering team to produce a new and unique ticket molding that exceeded the customers’ requirements.

By switching to kostklip's ClearGrip™ program, the customer was able to revitalize the look of their stores, while providing cost savings for new initiatives such as marketing and improving the consumer’s in-store shopping experience.

Kostklip's ClearGrip™ solution is more than just a product line; full service programs and 360 degree manufacturing capabilities allow kostklip® to quickly and efficiently cater to custom preferences without outsourcing to 3rd parties. Kostklip® is about you and not limiting you with just catalog options. Kostklip's catalog is merely an idea book, in fact over 70% of what kostklip® does is custom.

While you are trying to create a good customer experience, kostklip® want you to experience the same with them.

ClearGrip™ ticket moldings standardize over 90% of a store's fixtures, which means Procurement can purchase the same sign holders and ShelfTalkers™ for the whole chain. Easily execute in-store marketing campaigns with a consistent look, while saving 67% per year in labor and cost savings by using a non-adhesive shelf edge labeling system.

What's your shelf edge strategy?

Contact us today to learn more about cost saving programs that are right for you.

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