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Reduce Your Carbon Footprint with kostklip's non-adhesive in-store signage solutions

Keep your signs looking their best all throughout your store while reducing your carbon footprint.

One easy step to reduce your carbon footprint is to switch to a non-adhesive in-store signage solution.

Be Green with less Green.

Reduce your carbon footprint by recycling plain paper tickets instead of throwing away adhesive labels each week. Additionally, plain paper price tickets cost significantly less than adhesive labels – up to 90%.

Lower your operational costs by printing black & white perforated, recyclable plain paper tickets. Use with kostklip’s reusable colorful ShelfTalkers™ to advertise promotional, lifestyle and nutritional messages to assist your customer in finding the products right for them. Improve your in-store communication with kostklip’s Shelf Edge Labeling System. Kostklip’s paper-based shelf edge solutions are available in ClearVision®, ClearGrip™ and Flex Series.

ClearVision® Shelf Edge Labeling System

ClearVision® is a non-adhesive shelf edge labeling system that features a clear, flexible window that holds, displays and protects plain paper price tickets. It's is an integrated system that includes a variety of ticket moldings, printed plastic ShelfTalkers™ and sign holder accessories to lower operational costs and improve in-store communication. ClearVision® ticket moldings attach to every shelf edge to create a common fixture throughout the store for an effective and consistent in-store messaging program.

ClearVision® Benefits

  • Lower operational costs by switching to plain paper tickets
  • Variety of signage and merchandising options with compatible accessories
  • Maintain planogram and price integrity
  • Standardizing every fixture allows for consistent marketing implementation
  • Environmentally friendly—recycle used paper tickets and reuse printed plastic ShelfTalkers™



ClearGrip™ Shelf Edge Labeling System

ClearGrip™ is a non-adhesive shelf edge labeling system with a clear, flexible window and built-in outer grip to hold a variety of additional signs. It’s an integrated system that includes ticket moldings, plain paper tickets and ShelfTalkers™ that creates an efficient and effective in-store signage program. Use ClearGrip™ in both center store and refrigerated areas to create a common fixture throughout your store for consistent in-store communication.

Use ClearGrip™ to:

  • Increase number of signage options on the shelf edge
  • Display and hang a variety of different sign materials in the built-in grip, including 8-12 pt cardstock paper
  • Reduce the number of sign holder accessories used
  • Quickly change signs in high turnover areas

ClearGrip™ ticket moldings standardize over 90% of a store's fixtures, which means Procurement can purchase the same sign holder and ShelfTalkers™ for the whole chain.


Flex Series Shelf Edge Labeling System

The Flex Series is kostklip’s latest innovation that consists of two types of plastic moldings: clip-in price ticket moldings and shelf adapters. Kostklip® designed this line of ticket moldings and adapters for retailers with a wide variety of shelving fixtures in their stores. The Flex Series help retailers display price labels, ShelfTalkers™ and other promotional signage at the shelf edge while reducing overall costs and number of retail supplies.

Consumers want feel-good buying decisions and they want to support companies that contribute to the zero waste movement. Kostklip's paper-based Shelf Edge Labeling Systems provide retailers a solution that saves on operational costs, while reducing in-store carbon footprints with non-adhesive in-store signage solutions.

Are you looking for ways to reduce in-store waste? Watch your waste and your wallet with kostklip's paper-based Shelf Edge Labeling Systems.

Contact kostklip® to learn more about feel-good cost saving programs that are right for you.




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