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Port Coquitlam, BC, March 6th 2024. Kostklip, an industry-leading manufacturer specializing in retail merchandising solutions, proudly announces a substantial 30% expansion in both production and warehouse capacity, emphasizing their commitment to North American manufacturing.

Dave Weller, CEO of kostklip, enthusiastically shared, “It brings us great joy to reveal the expansion of our facility. As business accelerates, the new facility growth ensures the continuity of delivering the innovation and quality that defines kostklip. We take pride in manufacturing, and our dedication reflects our commitment to provide customers with the most innovative, functional and durable products. The tireless efforts of our team during this expansion are commendable, and we extend our gratitude to all involved in propelling our corporate growth.”

Kostklip’s expanded facility not only fortifies its position in the market, but also highlights the company’s emphasis on strengthening North American manufacturing capabilities. As kostklip welcomes this exciting chapter, customers can look forward to the continuation of top-tier merchandising solutions, now backed by an even more robust and locally empowered manufacturing foundation. The company remains poised to meet the evolving needs of the market, firmly anchored in its commitment to quality, innovation, and the thriving North American economy.

About kostklip®

Kostklip is an innovative manufacturer of in-store communication and merchandising solutions for the retail industry. Since 1969, kostklip has provided retailers with customer-driven solutions and programs to improve the look of their stores, reduce operational costs and improve sales. Kostklip’s solutions include ticket molding shelf edge strips, printed plastic ShelfTalkers, shelf management product organizers, sign holders, product merchandisers and fixture mounts for electronic shelf labels.

Individuals, organizations and retailers that are looking for merchandising solutions can contact kostklip directly at sales@kostklip.com or call toll-free at 1-800-661-5547. Learn more about kostklip at www.kostklip.com.

Media Contact:
Stephanie Small
Marketing Manager

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