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The logos for kostklip's ClearVision, ClearGrip and Flex Series programs

Flex Series Product Expansion

Kostklip’s SKU Reducing Flex Series has expanded to new fixtures and shelving applications.

Kostklip’s Flex Series introduces two new supporting products that will assist retailers with reducing SKUs for glass shelves and single wire applications, as well as provide ADA display options for both top and bottom shelves.

The FlexKlip® Dual Angle Shelf Adapter increases accessibility by making price tags easier to view. The PVC plastic molding is a more economical alternative to metal ADA shelf adapters. Combine the FlexKlip® adapter with a FlexChannel® clip-in ticket molding to protect and display your paper price tickets. The shelf adapter is a semi-permanent molding on the shelf, just replace the clip-in ticket molding when needed. Kostklip's FlexKlip® Dual Angle Shelf Adapter ensures that all of your customers can easily read your price tags and shelf edge signage while helping you reduce SKUs in your ticket molding program.

Kostklip's FlexKlip® Ratchet, Glass and Single Wire Shelf Adapter easily converts shelves up to 0.5" thick into C-channels. The ratchet allows height variance for installation on different fixtures and the grip beads prevent the C-channel ticket moldings from sliding side to side. Utilize kostklip’s Flex Series to create a consistent C-channel throughout store fixtures, and reduce the need for additional shelf edge SKUs.

Kostklip's Flex Series Shelf Edge Labeling System is built around the premise of an "adaptable" or "flexible" product that can be used throughout the store. Flex Series includes two product lines, kostklip's FlexChannel® shelf edge ticket moldings and FlexKlip® adapters. Combine with kostklip's reusable ShelfTalkers™ to promote specials, your brand, private label, health messages and more along the shelf edge.

Flex Series Advantages

• Significantly reduce the number of SKUs in your shelf edge ticket molding program to as low as six SKUs!

• Fewer SKUs simplify store measurement and purchasing

• Each Flex Series molding and adapter is designed to fit multiple shelving fixtures over typical plastic shelf strips

• Streamline replenishment—FlexKlip® adapters stay on the shelf and only replace the FlexChannel® ticket moldings

• Create a clean and consistent look throughout the store and a common fixture to display your in-store marketing, like ShelfTalkers™ and other promotional signage

Learn more about kostklip's Flex Series with a real-life case study on how kostklip’s Flex Series program helped a customer move from 68 SKUs to less than ten.

It is kostklip's job to assist you as a retailer to achieve the ROI required. By engaging kostklip®, kostklip® will assess your current program, provide you with the tools and expertise to evaluate and implement a cost effective and customer appealing program.

What's your shelf edge strategy?

Contact us today to learn more about cost saving programs that are right for you.

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